Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Groove's Faves: "Night of the Body Snatcher!" by Starlin and Russell

We're back, Groove-ophiles! Have you been able to stand the wait? Well, be glad you didn't have to wait two months until Detective Comics #482 (November 1978) like Teen Groove did! Here's Jim Starlin and P. Craig Russell showing the world how a Batman story oughtta be done, baby!
Cover by Rich Buckler and Dick Giordano

Later on in the 80s, Judo Jim would have a turn as a regular Batman scripter, creating classics like "Ten Nights of the Beast" and "A Death in the Family". Cosmic though he might be, Mr. Starlin always could do "grim and gritty" right, too!


  1. That two-page spread is just MAGIC!

  2. Great find. Somehow we missed these gems on our StarlinQuest. The Cult was cool but has nothing on this brain-switching gorilla!

  3. Hey. Love, LOVE L O V E what you do agent. It IS TRULY GROOVY!!! I'm sure it's a pain, but could you please try to post more full comic stories? I love your blog- there are many other comic blogs, but none like this one! I owned many of these very same books but they vanished when I went to college. My mom to this day denies throwing them out. Still one of the great unanswered questions of my life. Posting full comix will help me recover. I know you understand.
    -Agent Gary7 Media Terrorist

  4. awesome! i love oddball pencil/ink combos that you don't normally think of. i had never seen this story before. great find!

  5. awesome story,great art,one of my favorite starlin efforts from years past.owned the original comic years ago,which,no doubt fell victim to clean freak mom. Thanks for the reunion.



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