Thursday, August 4, 2011

Making a Splash: Marvel Comics 40 Years Ago, August 1971

August 1971. Marvel's tenth anniversary! Ol' Groove remembers it well. T'was the month Marvel raised the price of (almost) all their comics to twenty-five cents (a few stayed 15 cents, but a random few did go up to twenty cents) and doubled their page count (on most of, but not all of their mags--DC had already gone the twenty five cent route and doubled their page-count a couple months earlier). It was also the month that the "Marvel banner/logo" trade dress (the one that lasted all the way into the early 80s) made its debut on most (but again, not all) of Marvel's mags--but more on that in tomorrow's post! The interiors are today's focus, and lemme tell ya, despite the changes on the outside, we got the same great Marvel madness we'd always loved--just more of it!--on the insides. As proof, Ol' Groove offers up this sensational set of superb splashes. This is all of Marvel's non-reprint mags for that watershed month, by the by. Enjoy, Groove-ophiles!


  1. Sigh! If I only had a time machine the years 1969-71 were my favorites as a boy. I turned 19 in sept of 71. What a great era to be a comic fan & especially a Marvel Zombie! My favorite of this group was Amazing Spider-Man #102!

    Not only did we get Spidey with 4 extra arms to boot! But the Lizard & the all new creepy Moribus! Who I loved ever since as much as Spidey & old Lizard breathe! drawn by Gil Kane no less! I can't wait to see him in the Spidey reboot movie next year! AAhhh what a great arc & year. Loved Capt.A by Romita! Herb's Hulk & Big John's FF & Thor & who could ever forget the mind blowing Conan by Roy Thomas & BWS!If only I had known about original comic art back then.

  2. I love these splash page posts. With the internet resources, the covers are relatively easy to find and enjoy, but these splah pages are fresh and vibrant images from a time when comics seemed more fun.

    When I was wee tyke, I'd actually tear off the cover of a comic to enjoy the splash. Thankfully I got over that habit after just a month or two. I still have some of those wounded comics. Sheesh!

    Rip Off

  3. I had those issues of Spidey and the FF. Summer of 1971 is when I really started reading superhero comics. I remember it well.

  4. Incredible - what a spread. Comic art at it's finest..

  5. Holy Moley! I meant to type 10 years old in sept of 71.Keep these great splashes coming too! I am so happy I grew up in the 70's!

  6. I love how that Woodstock story gets the year wrong. It was only two years later but they say it was three! "in that summer of 1968!" Great art on that story and terrible "hippies suck" writing.

  7. I'm sure you know the tale of how Marvel "trapped" DC at their 25-cent phase...It's said THAT was the impetus for Marvel to pass DC in sales...

    Al Bigley



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