Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Groove's Faves: "Duel" by Jim Starlin

There's no way we can have a week of Groove's Faves without including some Jim Starlin. For almost 40 years Ol' Groove has remained awestruck by his awesome artistry and ka-razee kosmik trippiness. (And oh, yeah, by the way, BREED III rocks! You are still the man, Jim!)  We've visited his Darklon the Mystic before, digging on the gut-wrenching, in-your-face, deeper than the ocean mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and semi-autobiographical comix here and here. Now it's time for Starlin's grand finale, the shocking end of Darklon from Eerie #100 (cover-dated March 1979). It's Judo Jim undergoing public therapy, dealing with his father-issues in a way only he can. Besides all of the expected Starlinesque flourishes like the cosmic setting, the face-to-face close-up/longshot, philosophical debate (complete with finger-pointing), a psychedelic battle, robed death, and the total destruction of an entire world, we also get lush wash/graytones, three-dimensional cross-hatching, Alex Nino-influenced inks, and even ties to his Warlock series (Barry Bauman, aka the Star-Thief and his "home", Wildwood Hospital in New England on the planet Tellus). Not to mention the ending. Oh, that ending!


  1. Cool! This is the only issue of Eerie Magazine that I still own. And the only story that stuck in my head from that issue.

  2. I am speechless. incredible stuff. I just spent last weekend re-reading Starlin's Warlock stories. I often wonder if today's writers and artists ever look at that/this stuff, and think to themselves, " oh, what's the bloody point? "



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