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Groove's Countdown: E-Man's Top Ten Transformations

Just when you thought it was safe to surf the Internet--it's back!

Today's countdown focuses on one of Ol' Groove's all-time fave characters--Alec Tronn aka E-Man! We all know that Nick Cuti and Joe Staton's satirical superhero was a being of pure energy. We also know that energy can't be destroyed, but it can be changed. E-Man, being a sentient energy-creature, was able to transform himself to fit his needs--or whims. Every issue he'd undergo some sort of transformation at least once. The fun was finding out, not only what he'd turn into, but why!

With that in mind, let's get on wit' da countdown!

10. An Egyptian God. Now, while most of the time you'll find that a guy like E-Man prefers to change into simple, everyday things, he sometimes let his hair down and got a little funky. Seeing as how he was in a very Egyptian setting, the disguise, while over the top, was appropriate.

9. A toddler. Naturally, once you've blown your cover as a god, the next thing you do to blend in is become a little kid. (Well, to E-Man's credit, it did work...)

8. A duck-headed amusement park garbage can.  Again, when blending in and not being seen at an amusement park are your prime objectives, you can't beat the ol' duck-headed amusement park garbage can disguise. Not only was E-Man not noticed, but his best gal and partner Nova Kane could hide inside him. Sheer genius, huh? On second thought, that could be a little creepy...

7. A war-machine. When you have to duke it out with an intergalactic war-machine, what better way to even the odds than to become one yourself? If you're E-man, that's exactly what you do!

6. A giant concrete wall. When you have to duke it out with an intergalactic war-machine, and becoming one just gets you shot at and chased around outer space, the next thing you do is become a giant concrete wall (a 2001 Monolith?) and smash that dadgum intergalactic war-machine!

5. A sand castle. You're an energy being. You go to the beach. What're you gonna do, get a tan? No, you while away the hours by turning yourself into a sandcastle. Thing is, mean widdle kids keep kicking you over. How does a true E-Man handle such a sitch? By becoming a concrete sand castle. Now, you little brats, come kick this down! Bummer when your girlfriend, Nova, trips over you though. Could cause some static, if you get my drift.

4. The Devil. What would you do if you were E-Man and you were being harassed by a bunch of escapees from a Little Abner comic strip? You don't wanna hurt 'em, just scare 'em. A lot. Yeah, the devil makes you do it.

3. Toast. Nothing says, "Good Morning" like a nice, toasty piece of bread. Except when you're not really bread but a living being made of energy, you can look like toast, pop out of a toaster, and give Nova a good-morning scare. E-Man, you're such a romantic rascal!

2.  A rug. When you're pure energy and you're fighting a dude who's a walking, energy-sucking battery, the rule-book goes out the window. You can't fight this guy mano-y-mano, he'll eat you alive. Literally! So what do you do? You turn yourself into a rug and pull yourself out from under him. Literally! Krash on that, sucka!

1. A monkey wrench. For the better part of six issues, you've been battling an evil alien brain called...The Brain. Yeah, you might be living energy, but he's a big, giant, slimy brain housed in a big glass bubble. For the better part of six issues you've had your carcass handed to you by The Brain, and you're a little tired of it. So you decide to play it safe, give yourself a little breathing room. A little time to think. You turn yourself into a monkey wrench and lay quietly on a workbench. You're just lying there minding you're own business when...

There ya have it, Groove-ophiles. E-Man's Top Ten Transformations. Just goes to show you that a little silly can go a long way when it's in the hands of dudes who know how to put it across. Nick and Joe, thanks for keeping comics fun! And congrats on the upcoming release of the upcoming E-Man: The Early Years collection. It's about time, innit? Pax!

1 comment:

  1. Beautifully done.

    I'm currently in the midst of a detailed reading of the Charlton E-Man series and I agree with your list pretty much.

    I absolutely agree that the monkey wrench is the coolest change ever!

    Way to go!

    Rip Off



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