Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: "A Matter of Necessity" by Claremont, Infantino, and Wiacek

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles. Here's a extra short intro for an extra-long classic! Marvel Preview #15 (Summer 1978). Chris Claremont. Carmine Infantino. Bob Wiacek. Star-Lord. "A Matter of Necessity". Enjoy!
Cover by Joe Jusko


  1. i got my dad to buy this for me when i was a kid back when we lived in New York City. this sure brings back some memories, thanks.

  2. I always loved Starlord, but was a little confused at first. Every time we saw him, they kept changing him! LOL Great post! Keep e'm coming Groovy one! Back to school time huh?

  3. Love that Jusko cover. I'll have to pick this one up at the next con I go to.

  4. This and Star Wars were my first introductions to Infantino's art. Loved Star Lord but took me a while to appreciate the art. Thanks for bringing back some memories.

  5. Uh! The VERY FIRST cover I painted for Marvel! I was all of 18 years old! It's amazing how little I knew about painting at this point; blocky figure work, amateurish back lighting on Starlord and I committed a cardinal sin of redesigning a great Marie Severin cover sketch, redrawing the Starlord figure so that he's floating in the same direction as the bad guy. Marie had him at an almost right angle from the alien, making for a much more dramatic layout. Live and learn. I've always been amazed they gave me more work after this cover (though Stan did kill my next Starlord cover, having Earl Norem repaint it). Humble, humble beginnings! LOL

  6. God bless ya, Joe! 18 years old and loaded with that much talent. I know the you of today would like to go back and give some pointers to the you of yesterday, but--wow!

    I'll be completely honest with ya--I loved Star-Lord, but I kinda wonder if I'd have even bought this ish if it weren't for your cover. The ship's interior still blows me away (kinda like the bad-guy in the foreground)!

  7. The ship is my Wally Wood homage, suggested by then AD Marie Severin.

  8. Now that's the kind of stuff I wanna know! Thanks for sharing, Joe!



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