Friday, September 2, 2011

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Dave Cockrum Does Marvel Part 2

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Ya know Ol' Groove can be forgetful at times, but this is ridiculous! Waaay back in March 2010, I did a post about the late, great Dave Cockrum's far-out and fab non-X-Men covers and promised more. Well, it took me far too long, but here, at last is Part 2--with a half-dozen Cockrum masterpieces for your enjoyment and edification.Hoo-hah!


  1. Late but worth the wait! I loved Dave's beautiful work. love the Ghostrider & Ironfist covers. Didn't Dave also do the cover to Marvel Team Up with Wood-God, the Hulk & Spidey? As well as MTU with Warlock?

  2. Boy I miss Dave Cockrum's beautiful artwork. I wish he could had originally stayed on the New X-Men alot longer then he did. Atleast say the first 5 years. His early finished pencils work was beautiful. I loved his LoSH's & Manpibian story he did in Legion of Monsters#1 B & W mag.

    Just think if the bosses at DC would had given him his two pg splash back. From the wedding of Bouncing boy & ? he would had taken on Capt.Marvel/Shazam at DC. The New X-Men might not had ever happened or been as big as they now are today. But CM might had made a huge come back instead!

    Any chance of seeing Dave's Futurians GN here? Or John Byrne's Super Boxers GN? I know those I believe came out in like 1980-82 though. I'd love to see Byrne's Silver Surfer one shot also. How about Buscema's Silver Surfer also!

  3. Spider-man 188 was a riff on Ditko's Spider-man 28 cover with the Molten Man. Take a look and see!

  4. Right-o on those Cockrum covers you mentioned, Mike! I doubt I'll cover those graphic novels here, but if I ever bring back BLINDED ME WITH COMICS...

    Good eye, anonymous. Delightful Dave did a good job there, didn't he?

  5. If you've already done something like it, a 1000 pardons, but looking at the Ghost Rider cover, it might be a fun idea to gather all the homages to Jaws that came out after the movie hit it big. The Ghost Rider issue was one of the better ones as I recall. (Wasn't he rescued in the end by dolphins? My Groovy-Aged memory ain't what it used to be and I don't have the comics any more.)



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