Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making a Splash: Frank Robbin's Invaders, Part One

While Frank Robbins' art, to this day, divides many Groovy Age fans, most agree that his work on Marvel's Invaders was primo stuff. Here's a stack of his stunning splashes to prove my point...

Here's a trivial tidbit: the splash for Giant-Size Invaders #1 was actually the second splash Fearless Frank penciled for that dazzling debut ish. Writer/editor Roy Thomas liked Robbins' first splash page so much it was used as the cover to G.S.I. number one-and-only!


  1. Hey Groovster!
    It took me awhile to appreciate Frank's work. It was his weird human anatomy that put me off. I learned to like his style for what it was. Just different, even though I didn't like it on the Human Fly. His style fit the Invaders.

    Just like a few fans hated Kirby! His style was different, his figures were stiff & mannquin/action figure like. But they were always about power & beauty. Just like a great artist & a great inker's styles don't always jell. Different styles some times clash. Resulting in a bad/ugly finished product.

  2. It didn't help that Robbins would be dropped abruptly into a title where his unique style was a poor fit that would never be welcomed by fans. Seriously, DC's The Shadow (1974-1975)?

    DC: "Surprise!! We replaced Mike Kaluta with Frank Robbins!"
    Fans: "AAAAAAAAAGH!!"
    DC: "Ha ha! You should see the looks on your fa--hey, where did everybody go?"

  3. Wow! Who was the Golem in "The Golem Walks Again" - Peter North?! Kind of gives a whole new meaning to "splash page!" Anyway, keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks for showing these - like most comic fans I was not a fan of Frank Robbins the first time I saw his work,in fact I couldn't stand it and when he took over on Capt America (my fav book at the time) I really disliked him, Sadly Frank was indeed asked to work of comics he was not fitted for and they gave him inkers (Coletta) that were not suited to his style but I thought his work on the Shadow, Invaders and some of his B&W work (even Man from Atlantis looks good) were amazing - Now Mr Robbins' books are one of the few that I actively collect (there are some turkeys in there - Human Fly - but there are more lovely pieces of comic art - he deserves much more recognition he was a great artist - McScotty

  5. Robbins and Springer were a great team! The Baron Blood issue is my favorite.

  6. Frank Robbins was one of the greats. his art on Batman is still one of my very favourite takes on the character. and the Invaders was one of my favourite comics back in the day. & I have to disagree with BillyWitchDoctor there: I LOVE Frank's version of the Shadow. yeah, it was a bit of a shock change in style from Mike Kaluta, but it was a great little run.

  7. frank Robbins took time to grow on me but it's hard to imagine anyone else doing the Invaders now. I also grew to love his Batman work and the Shadow. His heavy blacks have a 1940s nostalgic look to me.

  8. Yes, Frank Robbins has that "Golden Age" feel, and a newspaper comic strip base... perfect for a recreation of the rough and tumble Timely era...



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