Friday, September 23, 2011

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Batty for Jim Aparo

What it is, Groove-ophiles! The late, great Jim Aparo ranks high, high, high on the list of Greatest Batman Artists of All Time (and the Groovy Age, natch). He's best know for his rendition of the Dark Knight on Brave and the Bold, but every so often he'd get to make the trek to one of the "regular" Bat-titles ( Batman or Detective Comics). He also did a awesomely cool carload of covers for both Batman and 'Tec. Let's plant our peepers on a pile of 'em!


  1. I guess I feel like an idiot but I'm not even sure what Lightbox is. If I click on images on your site they don't get any bigger at all but they DO open in a new window already. There's no "View Image" option, however. And on my blogs everything still embiggens as always. I'm lost.

  2. Jim Aparo is indeed one of comics greats! To me he was the Sal Buscema of DC. Always over looked sadly. Both great artists in their own rights. I loved everything Jim drew. I just wish he could had done a Shazam series.

    Love to see alot more on Mr.Aparo & Sal Buscema also. Always room for Big John as well.

  3. Love it GA, especially the Batman #286 cover. It always disappointed me a little not to see Aparo do the interiors on some of these books.

  4. I don't know how you missed it, Steve, (be ye ever-so-thankful!) but for the past week almost every blog on Blogger was affected. "Lightbox" opens up in a new window with scrolling thumbnails at the bottom. It was ugly, took more work to enlarge the pics, made pics over a year old unclickable, and cost me (and many other blogs) TONS of hits over the past week.

    The reason you're not seeing it now is because Blogger has decided to roll it back to work on it before "relaunching" it. Hopefully when the relaunch comes, we'll have a choice of whether or not to use it.

  5. Happy to see some love for Jim Aparo-- he's the Batman artist I grew up with (along with the under-appreciated Irv Novick). Just another reason why I love this blog.

  6. Dear Mr Groove!
    Thank you.I am a big fan of the work that Jim Aparo did circa 1972-73-74.
    When he was at his best,he was one of the best in my book.
    (Only sometime his work was burdened
    by poor writing,lackluster colouring
    and crappy printing/paper.)
    Maybe someday DC will publish a "Best
    of Aparo"-book!?
    /Mr Anonymous

  7. This was Batman's finest era -- serious enough to be interesting, but not so serious as to be pretentious. The current Bat-comic could learn a lot from this.



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