Friday, March 23, 2012

Making a Splash: Neal Adams' Batman

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Waaaaay back in late November of '09 we got down with Neal Adams' Batman splashes from Detective Comics. It's about time we grooved to Nefarious Neal's Batman splashes for The Batman's own mag, don'tcha think? Can mortal eyes handle the magnificence that follows these imperishable woids? Let's find out...

You survived! As your reward here's some extra info on the pulsating pages you just perused! They were originally published in Batman #'s 219 (December 1969), 232 (April 1971), 234 (June 1971), 237 (September 1971), 243-245 (June-August 1972), 251 (June 1973), and 255 (December 1973). All of 'em were inked by Dick Giordano except #251 (which Adams inked himself). All of 'em were written by Denny O'Neil except #'s 219 (Mike Friedrich) and 255 (Len Wein). Harlan Ellison helped plot #237. Julie Schwartz edited 'em all!


  1. You need a Totally Awesome reaction button groovster! Gems everyone! Holy Epics Batman!

  2. Beautiful work by Adams & seeing the"Demon" Saga and Adams take of the Joker + Two-Face.Moon of the Wolf & Night of the Reaper two of my favorite Batman tales.

  3. brilliant. Half An Evil's one of the best Batman pictures EVER.

  4. Thank you,Mr Groove!
    Mr Adams sure was on a roll forty years ago.
    He and Mr Aparo on Batman.WOW!Cool indeed!
    /Mr Anonymous



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