Monday, March 26, 2012

Secret Origins: "The Origin of Spider-Man!" by Lee, Romita, and S. Buscema

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Today we're gonna get down with the origin of the Amazing Spider-Man (Peter Parker, not Anthony Davis, Wildcat--er--Tiger)! This particular trip down memory lane is from the hard-to-find All Detergent give-away version of Amazing Spider-Man from 1979, and yes, you're right, it first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #94 (December 1970) as part of "On the Wings of Death!" in which Spidey battles the Beetle. For some reason the folks at All just wanted the origin part of ish 94--but then reprinted Spidey's first battle with the Beetle from ASM #21. Why? Who knows? All Ol' Groove knows is that this Reader's Digest condensed version of Spidey's origin by Stan Lee, John Romita, and Sal Buscema is suh-WEET!

Ol' Groove remembers seeing those Spidey posters in stores, but man, I would've loved to have snagged the T-shirt and one'a those pens!


  1. I was working at a grocery store,while in high school,when we gave away these Spidey/All books.I stocked the detergent aisle, so I had access to the display.I had seen this version of the Origin before- always liked the page of Spider-man surrounded by his enemies;would of made a nice poster!

  2. John Romita and Sal Buscema Goodness! Great stuff!

  3. Groove --

    I have the Spidey poster on the top right. I also have the Cap one from that series. They're not in great shape, because they were displayed in my room for many years -- right next to the KISS Love Gun poster!


  4. The t-shirt art is from the 1972 "Rockomic" record album "Spider-Man: From Beyond the Grave".
    From the ad, I can't tell if it's the pen-and-ink illustration or the painted album cover art.

  5. Doug- I also had the Spider-man poster(on the right),along with a Superman poster which i believe was designed by the same artist. I had it hanging in my clubhouse...



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