Friday, June 13, 2014

Making a Splash: Mike Zeck's Master of Kung Fu, Part Two

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! As Ol' Groove promised ya last Friday, here are the rest of Mike Zeck's Groovy Age Master of Kung Fu splashes (issues 76-98), this bunch inked (all but one, #78, by Al Gordon) by the late, great Gene Day, who took Zeck's astonishing art to a whole 'nuther level! Who says Friday the 13th has to be unlucky? Just feast your eyes on these masterpieces of marvel-ous machismo!


  1. Wow. I'd forgotten how great Gene Day looked over Zeck's pencils!

  2. This batch in particular brings back some memories. I was a devoted reader at this point in the series. What a stellar team Zeck and Day were!

  3. Day did some great inks on Infantino in Star Wars, too. His full art on later issues of MOKF was really interesting, inspired a bit by Steranko, but unique. You could see he was pushing himself on virtually every page, looking for different approaches, carving statues with ink.

  4. How come there is no ESSENTIAL of this out there ?

    One of the most prized possessions of my comic book collection is a spanish trade that collects almost the complete WARRIORS OF THE GOLDEN DAWN storyline. I have never found much of the original issues at conventions so the only ones I got are the spanish issues I have. I bought them over 30 years ago and they´re still in good condition - for their age.

    Besides the trade ( the spanish issues are in magazine format so the Zeck / Day artwork looks gorgeous ) I have one issue with a bear or something and one where Shang Chi deals with asian street gangs. But my favorite issue is issue 93, MIDNIGHT WIND, one of the most memorable " done in one " issues I have read in my whole life.

    If there was a hardcover of those stories I would buy them in a moment. The Warriors of the Golden Dawn would be perfect for that ! Or any collection of these issues.....

    Thanks for bringing back those memories.

    1. Unfortunately Marvel no longer owns the licences for The Sax Rohmer characters- Fu Manchu, etc- so they can't reprint any of the issues featuring those characters, ie pretty much all of them. To see the great Gulacy, Zeck and Day art in full colour and to get these comics into the hands of people who missed them the first time around is a joy not likely to happen.

  5. If they really want to there is a way. In the comics they have already explained that Shang Chi´s father was not the REAL Doctor Fu Manchu but rather a chinese sorcerer who discovered the secret to immortality and used Fu Manchu as his alias. They did this so they could keep using Shang Chi in SECRET AVENGERS and other comics. Seems Disney is not giving up that property. Okay, they had to put up a disclaimer to that effect at the first page - and change the name of any other characters invented by Sax Rohmer - but that´s still doable.



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