Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Black and White Wednesday: "Survivor or Savior!" by Skeates and Mayo

How's it shakin', Groove-ophiles! Wanna read a really cool classic sci-fi/horror story by two masters of theWarren stable of creators? Well, today is your lucky day! From Creepy #62 (cover dated May 1974), here's "Survivor or Savior!" written by the award-winning Steve Skeates and Gonzalo Mayo!


  1. Does anyone know who did Warren comics' lettering?

    Look at that title "Survivor Or Saviour"'s done in a distinctive style that appeared right across Warren titles, looks cool, but they never gave credits for the lettering.

    Any idea, anyone?

  2. Aaah, those crazy weird psychedelic comics of the 70's!

    On the other hand, Chester is pretty hot, so that's fine.

  3. Way too cool Groove! Ah yes the golden age of Warren magazine, featuring the exquisite art of the master Gonzalo Mayo. I still have some issues of his original run on Vampirella. Give us more Groove please!

    - Mike 'Dracula rules' from Trinidad & Tobago.



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