Monday, February 23, 2015

Our Pal Sal: "Deathwing!" by Mantlo and S. Buscema

You want more, Groove-ophiles? You got more! More of Bill Mantlo and Our Pal Sal's amazing ROM, Spaceknight series captured under a stunning Michal Golden cover! It's a cool blend of sci fi and horror as we meet..."Deathwing!" in ROM #8 (April 1980). Dig it!


  1. Hey Groovster!
    I was always a huge fan of ROM. But was bummed when they killed off Torpedo & a lot of the supporting cast. I wish they make a Rom movie off this series. I hope Disney Marvel buys Rom one day! Or at least the rights to bring back the character & do a few movies.Love ROM Mondays Groovy One! You Rock!

    1. I share your bumminess, Mike. I think they wanted to shake things up, but ended up slaughtering a solid touchpoint. I think this was why Sal left the book, to be honest.

      Loved ROM - and think it would be a great Netflix series.

  2. Hey Groovy, did you hear about this? Even brought Sal and Michael Golden to do covers!



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