Monday, February 16, 2015

Micronauts Mondays: "Death-Duel at Daytona Beach!" by Mantlo, Golden, and Rubinstein

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Micronauts Mondays begins today! I know what you're thinking: "What took you so long, Groove?" Okay, yers trooly might not be swift, but I ain't stoopid! Why was a comicbook about a line of teeny-tiny toys so popular? Incredible sci-fi stories about a fleshed-out microscopic world and its heroes and villains? Artwork to die for? Yes! All of the above! Don't believe me? Then check out Micronauts #3 (December 1978), baby!Here's Bill Mantlo, Michael Golden, and Joe Rubinstein with a "Death-Duel at Daytona Beach!" (You can read issues 1 and 2 here and here, btw).

Way to make us not miss having a letters page, huh?

Oh, and you're welcome!

1 comment:

  1. Man, this series was so good. Well-crafted, fast-paced stories and outstanding art. Mantlo in particular really had a talent for taking second-rate toy properties and turning them into comic-book gold, didn't he?



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