Thursday, February 12, 2015

Random Reads: "The Return of the Living Mummy!" by Gerber and Mayerik

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! When Steve Gerber and Rich Buckler unleashed The Living Mummy upon Marveldom Assembled in Supernatural Thrillers #5 (May 1973), do ya think they knew they had a hit on their hands? Whether they knew it or not, The Living Mummy was diggable enough to be given its own regular berth in ST beginning with ish #7 (March 1974). Gerber would write "The Return of the Living Mummy!", but the art would be handled by a new-comer with an amazing, organic and moody style perfectly suited to a supernatural action strip, Val Mayerik (remember him from Thongor, Groove-ophiles?). Check it out!

The strip would continue for another 8 issues, with Tony Isabella taking over the writing chores for six of those issues. Mayerik would pencil all but the final ish. It was a pretty cool series, indeed!


  1. Read the whole run last year (have it in Essential Marvel Horror, vol. 2 I think). It's a rather good story, and I agree, Mayerik's art is perfect. I like the way he drew the Mummy: he looked a bit misshapen, tragic and menacing, but at the same time formidable and even slightly heroic.

  2. I loved this book when I was a boy ... and, jeez, it sure holds up. Many, many thanks!

  3. I dig it!
    I liked N'Kantu, even though he rapidly turned from Horror to superheroes stuff (sort of).
    If I remember well, he meets the Living Pharaoh and those Elemental freaks...
    and the lovely Zephir! (fascinating character).



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