Tuesday, February 3, 2015

(P)Raising Kane: "Vengeance of the Molecule Man!" by Gerber, Kane, and Sinnott

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! When the ever-lovin'-blue-eyed Thing's team-up mag moved from Marvel Feature to the long-running Marvel Two-In-One, editor Roy Thomas turned writer Steve Gerber, penciler Gil Kane, and inker Joe Sinnott loose on the first fab ish! How fab was it? Well, Benjamin J. Grimm sorta/kinda teamed up with the lumbering Man-Thing to battle the cosmically powered Molecule Man! Sound fab to you? From October 1973, here comes the..."Vengeance of the Molecule Man!"
Cover art by Gil Kane and John Romita, Sr.


  1. Love this vintage find! I love the part about "molecular madness." So fun how comic books are the same throughout the years.

  2. Just a dang cool bronze-age comic. My local comic shop has this up on the wall on display,( a great little comic shop in Sioux Falls, S.D. I'd give 'em a plug but I'm not sure what their name is currently) along with a lot of other classic old comics, and man would I like to get my sweaty little hands on that, but I don't have seventy bucks burning a hole in my pocket. Still, this is the next best thing.
    The Man Thing and Molecule man have a little bit of history, don't they? These macabre menaces would meet later in an Iron Man Annual. now that comic, I do own!
    Great post, Groove. mp



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