Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: "The Other Side of Night!" by Starlin, Warner, and Nino

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Some of the absolute greatest comics of the Groovy Age could be found in the pages of Marvel's black and white mags! Just take for instance "The Other Side of Night!" from Rampaging Hulk #4 (May 1977). Believe it or not, almost six years ago, Ol' Groove did a write up on this outrageously outstanding mag (which you can read here) and shared some of the awesome art by the titanic team of Jim Starlin and Alex Nino, but today you're gonna get the whole magilla, plotted by Starlin and scripted by John Warner. This is an all-time fave, baby! Hope you dig it as much as Ol' Groove does!


  1. Thanks for posting this, Groove. That is some truly spectacular art. Who'd of thought that Starlin and Nino meshed together so well?

  2. Boy ... did that make my day. (Maybe my January.) I thought Rampaging was the best of the Hulk titles, and I also think that Marvel's black-and-white magazines were some of the finest work they ever put out. (Doc Savage, Dracula Lives, Hulk, the science fiction titles...) If only DC in the groovy age had put out a black-and-white Shadow!

  3. Absolutely disliked Nino's art when I was 16 - when this was published - so, of course, putting him over Starlin's pencils was a real travesty to me. An older and, hopefully wiser me LOVES this stuff now. Thanks for a great post!



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