Friday, January 8, 2016

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: The Joker Stole My Money!

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! One sure way for DC to get my dimes (nickels, quarters, pennies, and even dollars) is to stick The Joker on the cover of  one of their magnificent comic mags. The Clown Prince of Crime and his grinning, green-topped visage is comicbook gold, baby! Here are some of Ol' Groove's fave Joker covers from the Groovy Age (and nope, I ain't gonna run the covers to EVERY ish of the Joker's short-lived mag--gotta have something to rap about later, right?)!


  1. I actually own most of these. Do you know how long DC put the black-and-white checkerboard across the top of their covers?

    1. ...from the start to the finish ;)

    2. The B&W checkerboard covers(DC ads at the time said to "look for the Go-Go Checks") seem to have started with comics cover dated January and February 1966 and lasted until around July-August 1967.

      I know they were on Batman #179-193, Detective Comics #348-365, Doom Patrol #102-112, Justice League #43-54, and Adventure Comics #341-358. As I recall, they were on all the other DC superhero mags (Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, et al.) during that same period.

      Some of the issues cover dated Jan. 1966 were probably on sale in November or December 1965.

  2. That Batman #251 cover was always one of my favorites:

  3. Greetings All, Who is the female villain on Joker #1? Cheers, Charlie Horse

  4. I think this is the FIRST time I own all of the books you highlighted on Grooviest Covers ... (cue the Kool-Aid Man) ... "OH, YEAAHH!"

  5. Who cares? :/ ...*look* at her! :P ;) :D



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