Friday, January 22, 2016

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Gil Kane and Klaus Janson! 'Nuff Said!

Like the title says...

'Nuff said, indeed, huh, Groove-ophiles? Naw, you know you wanna say something in the comments section...


  1. Man, Kane in particular was just rocking those covers at Marvel in the 1970s. Great selection here.

  2. All good. The Captain Marvel is awesome.

  3. Oh Wise One, help out this neophyte and lover of all things Sack! I would never in a million years identify Cpt Marvel 37 as Kane where as Conan 50 is "obvious." Why is that? The inker? Also, that Kazar 15 cover caused a strong flashback to Spider Man 103-104 when he went to the Savage Land with Gwen, et al. (thanks for ruining my life G. Conway!) and inside Spider Man Stan's Soap Box was promoting a cage match between Lee/Kane and Thomas/Andru if I recall, on Amazing Spiderman for the next 4 issues. CHeers! Charlie Horse 47

    1. Well, Charlie, all the covers were inked by Janson, but you can see Janson's style changing and evolving (I should have put them in chronological order...). I think Janson's inks are a lot heavier on the CM cover--closer to the style he'd use in the early 80s with Frank Miller, while the others show his Tom Palmer and/or Dick Giordano influences.

    2. You're too much...It's guys like you who make me want to set up a blog!

      I remember that Captain Marvel run, even though I am a HUGE Jim Starlin Fan I was really captivated by this run. I remember that Drax came back with a grudge following Cap getting rid of Thanos and the Monty Python Aliens in asteroid belt fights.

      I also remember the ultra-violent Black Panther - on par with the best Killraven at the time - and the Werewolf by Night. The werewolf I found eerie bu not scary or at least not as dark as Gene Colan's vampiric masterpiece.

      Anyway many fond memories of these comics ( read in their French editions in the early 80s even though we were always 2-4 years late compared to the US editions).

      Keep up the good work, many thnaks for the post again!

  4. Kane/Janson! One of the best art teams in the Bronze (or any) age of comics. Buckler/Janson was probably a close second as far as covers went. I bought Giant-Size X-Men # 2 just for the cover, since I already had all the originals reprinted inside. Fortunately, Kane and Janson also did some interior work together: Giant-Size Defenders # 2 and the magnificent What If # 3. I got to meet the inimitable Mr. Janson in 2014 at the Emerald City Comicon. He signed what I considered his greatest hits (Including Captain Marvel # 37). I told him Astonishing Tales # 33 was the single most beautiful inking job in the history of comics (if you haven't read it hunt it down and feast your eyes).

    1. Yea! Just found out Klaus will be a guest again at this year's Emerald City Comicon. I'm really excited. Getting to be in the presence of genius does that to me.



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