Friday, January 15, 2016

Making a Splash: Marvel Comics 40 Years Ago This Month: January, 1976

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Let's truck on back to the beginnings of the Bicentennial Year (a most groovy year to be sure) and plant our peepers on the spectacular splashes that Marvel had hidden under their cavortin' covers! Are you ready to be stunned? Take a deep breath, and away we go!

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #21

Planet of the Apes #18

Marvel Preview #5

Spidey Super Stories #16

Warlock #12


  1. What a trip down memory lane. Some of these splashes spring to mind, others I've forgotten. I got married in the bicentennial year, so comics were not always foremost on my mind.

    Rip Off

  2. I bought 12 of these: one a day at lunchtime during school. They were about 6p, I think. I was 12 years old. Hard to say which was my favourite - some, like the Avengers or Black Goliath weren't on sale in my area. Probably the Moondragon MTU, the Liberty Legion Premiere and the X-Men. Thanks for the nostalgia rush!

  3. I always loved the splash page!

  4. I was 13, right on the cusp of becoming a Marvel maniac. I only bought four of these off the rack: Spider-Man, MTU, Iron Fist (not sure why I'd started that), and the Sherlock Holmes magazine. Great memories of an exciting time that was about to begin.

  5. That's the FF that started it all for me. Can't believe it's 40 years of reading and collecting and loving comics! Thanks for posting.

  6. I miss those days of the artists who deliver work on time, and even managed to do multiple books in a month like the Buscemas, Heck, and Buckler!

  7. Thanks for the memories, Groove! I had over half of these, and have read several others in reprint form since. George Perez was killing it on those early Inhumans! Marvel was really something special at this time.

    Except... for that stupid "Assassin" 2-parter smack in the middle of the Serpent Crown/Kang storyline in Avengers! Worst Dreaded Deadline Doom of all time, say I!

    And I'll leave you with a true confession -- when I was 9 1/2, I opened that issue of Amazing Spider-Man and thought to myself, "What's a "Wod-you-nit"? I learned later. I think I asked my mom.


  8. Colletta on Frank Robbins is like tuna fish on ice cream.

  9. I recently picked up an issue of the Moench/Mayerik Ka-zar for .50$, loved it so much I tracked down the rest of their run. Too bad it got cancelled mid-story arc.

  10. This was my favorite period of collecting comics. I was in high school and continuously bowled over by the "Marvelous" offerings on the newstands. Marvel had the best artists and writers in those days.



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