Thursday, January 28, 2016

Random Reads: "Manslaughter" by Cary Bates and Rubeny

January 13, 1976. It was a cold, gray day. It was a Tuesday. I was off from school. Snow day. A trip to town and thirty cents got me a copy of House of Mystery #240. The cover story was a typical shocker with some nice E.R. Cruz art. Nothing out of the ordinary. Next comes "Manslaughter" by Cary Bates and Rubeny (Ruben Yandoc). I stop, stunned. Staring at me from the first page is Humphrey Bogart. That's right. Bogey. The copy called him "Mick Mason", but I knew who he really was. I started reading...

I'll say it before you say it, baby: "They should have called this one...'Frankencow'!" Here's lookin' at you, calf.


  1. Well, he looks more like Robert Sacchi. :D
    Very nice story.

  2. Not a big fan of Ruben Yandoc. Great story. So-so art.

  3. Hey Groove, the one artist in the DC line of horror comics that I felt was vastly overlooked was Gerry Talaoc, how about a spotlight on some of his work?



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