Monday, January 11, 2016

Greetings from Skartaris: "The Hunter" by Mike Grell

Greetings from Skartaris, Groove-ophiles! We're back with another "Iron" Mike Grell masterpiece, this one a spin on "The Most Dangerous Game" from Warlord #13 (March 1978). Travis Morgan and his friends Machiste and Mariah must face..."The Hunter"! Can you dig it?


  1. Thanks a lot ! Mike Grell at his best, what an artist!.
    Even today this comic-book is a must read.

  2. Yeah I still have this one tucked away safely. Great issue from Mike Grell, this story should have been called 'wrath of Stryker'!

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  3. Grell at his most Awesomeness!!!!



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