Thursday, January 21, 2016

Groove's Faves: "Smog-Gone It!" by Warren Kremer

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! There has been some interest shown 'round Groove City toward Harvey Comics and their kid-friendly komiks, which got Ol' Groove ta thunkin'...why not run some more Harvey stuff ? (And yeah, more Sad Sack is on the way--just not today...) I always dug Richie Rich, Spooky, and Hot Stuff, but my honest-to-gosh fave Harvey character was Stumbo the Giant. Created by Warren Kremer back in 1957 (debuting in Hot Stuff #2), Stumbo was a friendly giant who kept all of his stuff in a dormant volcano and lived next to a place called Tiny Town. Stumbo wasn't very bright (and he snored a lot), but he had a good heart and always tried to make amends when he goofed up--which was often. Here's a short five-pager  starring Stumbo from Hot Stuff #84 (March 1968) with art (according to Grand Comics Database) by creator Kremer. Yers trooley hopes ya dig, "Smog-Gone It!"

And what the hey--here's the Stumbo one-pager from that self-same ish! Who loves ya, baby?


  1. Never encountered that character before, what a fun comic from a gentler time and how interesting to see Kremer take on the then pressing environmental concern of air pollution.

  2. Love it! Harvey had the biggest foot print at the spinner racks, no doubt! How many books did they publish monthly, say compared to the big 2? Last question: Sad Sack v. Stumbo in a no-holds-barred WWF cage match... who wins???



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