Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: Gene Colan Original Art

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove got the bright idea to change things up on Black and White Wednesday every once in a while by showcasing some random, original art that's been scattered here, there, and yon across the Internet and putting chunks of it in one place...namely here! The first artist who popped into Ol' Groove's head was Gene Colan! They say Gene "painted with a pencil" so here are a few pencils-only pages, plus pages inked by some of the best to ever wield a brush: Tom Palmer, Joe Sinnot, Klaus Janson, and...Jim Steranko!?! Enjoy, baby!

Inks by Tom Palmer

Inks by Klaus Janson

Inks by Bill Everett (toned down for publication...)

Inks by Dick Ayers

Inks by Jim Steranko


  1. Gene Colan is hands down my favorite artist of all time, Tomb Of Dracula and Night Force were masterpieces. The man was amazing.

    1. Completely agree Kevin, you are obviously a man of taste and discernment.

  2. Fantastic idea and a great artist to show pencils from. If I may make a suggestion, why not try to find before and after pictures so we can get a sense of how inkers altered the pencils?

  3. Loved seeing Colan's artwork once publishers realised the direct market meant they could reproduce it straight from the pencils; not to knock any of the inkers, but those first two scans are great.

    Apparently Gene Colan had problems with his eyesight...? Astonishing.


  4. Hey Groove,

    Awesome Post! ON the 2nd Dracula page, what do the "circlings" indicate in the panels? Something wrong with the art or something to be changed or...? CHeers, Charlie Horse

    1. They look like indicators for word balloon placement to me, CH.

    2. The 'circlings" on that 2nd Dracula page indicate the artist's balloon placement suggestions.

  5. Ah Gene Colan art! What a master he was, great stuff Groove. Definitely a legend. RIP Gene.

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  6. Master of forcing perspective. Gene Colan truly had a filmmaker's eye.



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