Friday, April 1, 2016

Charlton Fool's Day 2016! The Boys from Derby: "The Inner Sun" by Cuti and Staton

Happy April Fool's Day, Groove-ophiles! Several days ago Ol' Groove received an e-mail from Brian of Kracalacta  inviting yers trooly to join in on a cool event he dreamed up: Charlton Fool's Day! Naturally, Charlton Comics connoisseur that I am, I jumped right in to join Brian and the other blogs (Atomic Kommie Comics and Comic Book + ) and that will be using today to celebrate all the Charlton goodness we can!

For my part, Ol' Groove has chosen his favorite ish of his favorite Charlton mag--E-Man #8 (February 1975)! This full-length sequel to ish #3's "The Energy Crisis!" (which you can read right here) brought back both the Battery and Samuel Boar (two of E-Man's best/worst enemies) and changed our hero's life forever with his gal Nova gaining super-powers (and a costume) of her own! (And hey, Michael Mauser's here, too!) Even after all these years, Ol' Groove's still not sure if giving Nova powers was the best idea ever--but it sure made for a fab and far-out story! Here are Nick Cuti and Joe Staton knockin' it outta the park with..."The Inner Sun!"


  1. Love this comic book -- a singularly excellent Charlton effort! Cuti and Staton blew me away with their work on this comic and this might be the epic of the run. I prefer Nova however I can get her, with powers is fine, but I do prefer her non-powered self.

    Thanks for the heads up about Charlton Fools' Day. Rip Jagger's Dojo will also be participating. (I need to read my mail more often.)

    Rip Off

  2. "Charlton Fool's Day" - love it. And you can never go wrong with E-man, my absolutely favorite thing to come out of Charlton.

  3. In retrospect, I think giving Nova super-powers was a mistake. But they were probably trying to save the title by then. It only lasted 2 more issues. I liked this version of E-Man the best. It had a whimsical charm and innocence that was never found in any other iteration of the characters (the First Comics version of the title was a disaster). Those 10 Charlton issues remain a high point in comics publishing, among my favorite runs of all time. They also introduced me to the wondrous artistry of Joe Staton, whom I enthusiastically followed over to Marvel and DC.

  4. Great issue Groove! Everyone be sure to drop by for handy links to the rest of Charlton Fools Day!

  5. Widen your horizon. How about posting work from South American or European masters - with non-English language editions.

    1. Mainly because I don't have any such editions, nor do I know anything about them. However, if someone who did have and know something about such editions and wanted to do guest posts about them, I'd be glad to share those posts here. :D



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