Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Boys from Derby: "The Energy Crisis!" by Cuti and Staton

Just imagine, Groove-ophiles! Turmoil in the Middle East! Soaring gasoline prices! Economy on the ropes! Is Ol' Groove turning Groove City over to the Associated Press? Nope! I'm taking ya back to 1974, baby! The same jive we put up with now, we put up with then--the big difference is how we handle it. Comics don't spend much time tackling the really heavy issues now'days, but during the Groovy Age it was hip to be relevant. Even a fun comic like E-Man would find a way to work in a message ish, like #3's (March 1974) "The Energy Crisis!"

Not only did creators Nick Cuti and Joe Staton use this ish to turn us on to the importance of taking care of our environment (or as the young'uns today would call it, "going green"), but they introduced us to some new supporting characters who would play important roles in upcoming issues. Nova Kane's co-worker and pal Rosie, our fave P.I. Mike Mauser, and the villain of our piece, Samuel Boar. Ol' Groove's already rapped about Mauser, and you'll be seeing the importance of Rosie and Boar in future Boys from Derby posts. Until then, enjoy the show!


  1. Thanks, Groove. E-Man is a personal fave and certainly made for a good way to start today.

  2. I loved E-man...I contacted Joe Staton 2 years ago and asked him if there would be a trade containing all the Charlton E-man material...he said Image was working on it....but so far it has yet to see the light of day.



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