Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Boys from Derby: Super Bowl Special! 1969 Super Bowl in Comics Form by Tony Tallarico

It's Super Bowl Sunday, Groove-ophiles! Bet you're wonderin', "What's that got to do with comicbooks?" Well, back in the winter of 1969/1970, Charlton Comics produced the first (and only) issue of Charlton Sports Library-Professional Football. While most of it's 68 pages (written and drawn by Charlton mainstay Tony Tallarico) was pretty much a pen-and-ink version of your garden variety sports almanac (pic of a player, stats, team logo--the usual stuff), what really made this comic unique (as if it needed anything else to do that!) was it's recap of the 1969 Superbowl in comicbook form! It's the Colts vs. the Jets! Namath vs. Unitas! It's Superbowl III! So before you start scarfing down the buffalo wings and nachos, check out this rare piece of comicbook--and Superbowl--history!


  1. WHAT! No Vince Lombardi!! Bart Star!!No Ice Bowl?? No SB I or II!! Where's my beloved Green Bay Packers??!! I outtaddaa!! That's ok, we'll be bringing home our Vince Lombardi trophy in about T-minus 21 hours!Go Packers! GO!

    Hey groovyone pass the B-B-Q Buffalo wings & the Bud!

  2. Hey groove... just for fun I read some of that out loud in my thundering "NFL Films narrator" voice... remember that guy?? LOL

    It was quite the crowd=pleaser here at Albie's House!


  3. I worked on a Marvel book called 'Super Pro' pencilled by Jose Delbo. It was an NFL approved book, and it was fun to work on!



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