Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011! "Don't Make Me Do It!"

Happy Valentine's Day, Groove-ophiles! Don't wanna get all mushy and stuff, but hey, Ol' Groove appreciates all'a ya! Ol' Groove tried to find something kinda cool to post for this special day. I wanted to do something kind of off the wall (I know, who? Groove?), but I kept coming back to this little piece from DC's Young Love #81 (April 1970). I've searched and searched for credits with no luck, but I'd bet my Steranko FOOM poster that it was either updated (the romance mags would often use reprints but have an artist "modernize" clothes and hair) or inked by the great Nick Cardy. Can anyone out there lend Ol' Groove a hand, here?

Anywho, the reason I kept coming back to "Don't Make Me Do It!" (besides the cool and ironic title) is how it's message, sadly, still resonates today. The styles, places, and technology may change, but love--especially the misguided, unrequited variety--keeps right on truckin'!

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