Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Reads: Frank Miller's "Endless Cloud"

Here's an early Frank Miller effort from Twilight Zone #85 (April 1979) called "Endless Cloud". According to GCD this tale was penciled and inked by Miller, but aside from the panel layouts and some of the figure work (not a water tower in sight, dagnabit), it's kinda hard to tell. A bit of early experimentation, perhaps?


  1. The art looks like it's been heavily influenced by early Walt Simonson, so maybe Miller was emulating him during this time.

  2. aspects of this art looks very chaykin to me -- especially the faces on the bottom of page three...

  3. Hey Groovy One!
    Gotta love the Twilight Zone! I had no idea that series ran that long at all. As for the artist, this looks much more lke the late great Marshall Rogers to me. Then it does Frank Miller's art work to me. Hey bring on some more Twilight Zone tales!

    I'd love to see a Twilight Zone Tuesday or Thursdays for awhile. My comments submited for your pleasure from the Man-God Mike Zone! I believe your going my way?



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