Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ol' Groove's Request Line: "The Skull of the Lizard-Man!" by Moench and Hama

What it is, Groove-philes! Ever since Ol' Groove ran a post about the far-out art Russ Heath provided for Doug Moench's script for Ka-Zar #12 (which you can read here), Groove-dom assembled has been clamoring for the conclusion to Moench's cataclysmic cliff-hanger. Well, Ol' Groove has heard your cry, baby! Here's the soul-searing conclusion of Moench's savage saga, "The Skull of the Lizard-Man!", with art by Larry (Wulf the Barbarian) Hama and Fred Kida from Ka-Zar #13 (November 1975). Enjoy!
Cover by Rich Buckler and Klaus Janson

(Mucho thanks to Fett!! for the sensational scans!)


  1. Gotta love Ka-Zar, I know I did as a kid. I always bought his swinging mags. Always loved Zabu also. I always wanted to see Lockjaw & Zabu meet & team up! Now that would have been funny! Hey how about a furry & feather Red Wing side kicks week?

  2. Nice one Groove! Always wondered how this tale turned out, even if Heath doesn't grace the pages.



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