Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: Marvel M-AD-Ness, B&W Style!

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove has rapped many times about how far-out Marvel's black-and-white mags were. Seems that the folks behind those mags always went full-out and gave their best for those over-sized comicbooks. Even the ads were special! Just check out this random round-up Ol' Groove has wrangled for you to relish!

And there's no way Ol' Groove can resist tossing in this trio of Rampaging Hulk ads by Walt Simonson!


  1. Far out groovster!
    I love B & W wednesdays, my favorite articles of the week on your groovy site! I really dug the Rampaging Hulk ads by Walt Simonson.Doc Savage & the Thor ads rocked as well.

    Thanks for bringing back more great memories of my teen years for me. Man those were great times to be a comic fan & especially a Marvel Zombie! This website is incredible!

  2. Love these ads, bring back so many memories of the wonderful Marvel b&w ags. I'd forgotten how Walt Sionson used Ditko's Hulk as a model rather than Kirby's. Great Stuff

  3. Hey did I mention I love B & W wednesdays & these ads? Marvel's B & W mags were one of Marvel's highlights of the mid to late 70's for me. Great memories & of freezing half to death here in WI. While fighting the harsh winters to get these gems.

  4. do you have that Starlin Thor story? I never found a copy.

  5. That Thor story drawn by Jim Starlin was in Marvel Preview #10. Their should be multiple copies for sale up on eBay.

  6. There were at least two issues of the black and white magazine "Thor the Mighty" of them appeared in Marvel Preview #10 and one was reformatted for an issue of the Thor annual. I think Thor could have been a nice expansion of Marvel's B&W mags into heroic fantasy. Too bad that the plans were cut short.

  7. The first illio is by Rick J. Bryant...



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