Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: Charlton Hit the Bullseye with These Pin-Ups!

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Charlton's far-out fan-mag Charlton Bullseye, modeled after Marvel's FOOM mag and DC's Amazing World of DC Comics was filled to the brim with tons of funtastic features. One of the best of those features was the random mix of pulsating pin-ups one could find issue after issue. Here's a heaping handful'o those pics from top-talents like Byrne, Simonson, Starlin, Newton, Nasser, Zeck, Sutton, and more!


  1. Thanks for posting these - they are really nice. Also, I'm probably not the only one now thinking how cool it would have been if Starlin and Simonson had drawn (and written) ongoing Captain Atom and Peacemaker stories...

  2. I brought the Issue w/ Peacemaker pinup to a Simonson signing in the 80's. He said "I didn't do anything in that"
    I told him he did. The Peacemaker pinup. He said "I've never drawn Peacemaker".
    I said yes, you did. And I really liked how you modified the helmet.
    He said "fine....", snatched the book, opened to the correct page, signed in a hurry, closed it, flipped it over, and slid it back across the table to me.
    CRACKED me UP to see him so embarrassed.
    I thought it was good work. :-)
    -=Weldon Adams

  3. Actually, the helmet modification was done in the fifth issue of Peacemaker by Boyette himself.

  4. Great Stuff! Thanx!!!

    (And another really nice Ink job by Mr. Abel!!!)



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