Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Black and White Wednesday: "The Secret of Skull River!" by Thomas, Starlin, and Milgrom

Hail, Groove-ophiles! Here's a teaming Ol' Groove would have loved, loved, (and I do mean) LOVED to have seen more of: Roy Thomas, Jim Starlin, and Al Milgrom on Conan! Do ya remember this one from Savage Tales #5 (May 1974)? Plotted by novelist John Jakes,  "The Secret of Skull River!" has e-ver-y-thing you want from a great Conan story: it's spooky, violent, trippy, brutal, funny, and sexy (don't blush when you get to page 13!).  Ol' Groove has a dream that Marvel, now that it has the rights to Conan back, will wake up and hire Roy, Jim, and Al--each and every one of whom are still producing magnificent work--to do some new Conan tales. Wouldn't that be far-freakin'-out?


  1. Loved Jim Starlin on Conan. This was during the time he was doing all kinds of experimentation with his panel layouts.

  2. Totally EPIC Groovster!! I agree! SIGH!

  3. great work as always, love the full page duel.

  4. Have you seen the colorized version in Conan the Barbarian #64? I'd be interested what you thought of it in comparison.



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