Thursday, February 8, 2018

Funny Stuff: "The Unseen Invader!"

Get ready for a giggle, Groove-ophiles! Here's an episode of Ol' Groove's personal favorite Harvey Comics character, Stumbo the Giant, from the back pages of Hot Stuff #155 (April 1980). "The Unseen Invader" was probably illustrated, and maybe written, by Stumbo's creator Warren Kremer, but we don't know for sure because, like the invader, Harvey Comics' credits are mostly unseen, as well. But hey, we've got a storybook giant vs. a U.F.O., so what's not to love?


  1. I once sat in on a Marvel Comics fan session at a San Diego Comicon with their editor in chief. He pulled the latest grey hulk issue and went through it page by page, describing what was good and bad about it. One page had a series of red arrows, leading your eye through the panels. He stated (and I'll never forget this) that a red arrow means somebody screwed up. "If you need an arrow to tell you what order to read the panels, your artist has screwed up. And if their editor has to resort to this more than once, then THEY'VE screwed up their job too." The example above doesn't seem to be that bad, but every time I see such an obvious arrow, I remember their embarrassed comment to the fans!

    1. I find the arrows very distracting, too. But I wouldn't call Warren Kremer a bad artist.



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