Friday, February 9, 2018

Making a Splash: Rich Buckler Groovin' Around the Marvel Universe (and Beyond)

This past Tuesday, February 6, would have been Rich Buckler's 69th birthday. All of Groove-dom knows how much yers trooley loves Mr. Buckler's work. We've shared Buckler's best-known Marvel splashes from Avengers, Deathlok (in Astonishing Tales), and Fantastic Four in past posts. Today, we're gonna corral as many of his other Groovy Age Marvel splashes as Ol' Groove can track down. They come from all corners of the Groovy Age M.U.: Thor, Spider-Man, Killraven, Ka-Zar, Invaders, Captain America, Black Goliath, Morbius, Power Man, What If?--not to mention Conan, Micronauts, Doc Savage, KISS, and Xanadu (hence the "and beyond" in the title)! A lot of these jobs were fill-ins where Rich did the layouts only, but his style and/or skill shines brightly in Ol' Groove's eyes!

Captain America #243

Marvel Super-Special #1

Marvel Super-Special #17

Thor #227

Thor #228

Thor #229

Thor #230

What If...? #24

And yeah, later on Ol' Groove's gotta do more on Mr. Buckler's Groovy Age work at DC. Stay tuned!

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  1. Rich Buckler never looked as good as when teamed with Klaus Janson. Some teams are just meant to be. I loved all the covers they did together as well as those he did with Dan Adkins. It seemed for awhile as if Mr. Buckler was ubiquitous during the Groovy Age. I didn't care for his ersatz Kirby work on FF and Thor but loved him on Avengers # 106. His teaming with Dave Cockrum on inks was a slice of comic book heaven.



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