Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Decent Comics: "Requiem" by Michelinie and Redondo

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Writer David Micheline is back and going totally sci-fi upon his return to Swamp Thing (ish 21, November 1975). Artist Nestor Redondo is up to the task, coming up with some unique alien life forms and a cool starship. From the swamp to the stars, baby! Here is..."Requiem!"


  1. This may be my favourite SWAMP THING plot by David Micheline, but some of the dialogue is trite ("chit-chat" on page five? How about prattle or blather?).

    It seems Michelinie was mining some of the old Hulk/High Evolutionary stories in TALES TO ASTONISH 94-96 for this one, right down to Swampy's self-pity party. Still good stuff. Also, with his villain's delusions of godhood one wonders if Michelinie were inspired by the description of Satan before he was cast out of heaven in Ezekiel 28:13: "...every precious stone was your covering..."

    Redondo did a fine job on the art, and it is amazing to see a Filipino nail down the villain's Romanesque face so well (conversely, most white American artists do not draw other races satisfactorily unless relying upon heavy photo reference).

    Wish the writing in the last 3 panels were stronger; it could have been a powerhouse closer to a strong plot with a lot of forward momentum. Still, a nice yarn.


    Chris A.

  2. Thank you for posting the sadly neglected Micheline/Redondo run on Swamp Thing volume one. It was my introduction to the character and I have fond memories of waiting for the next issue on the spinner racks.



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