Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Black and White Wednesday: "Eye of Newt, Toe of Frog" by Conway and Brunner

Happy 69th Birthday, Frank Brunner! All of Groove-dom knows that Fearless Frank is one of Ol' Groove's fave Groovy Age artists (and what a pleasure it was to get to shake his hand at the Cincy Comic Expo a couple years ago). His slick, organic style just oozes power, beauty and cosmic wonder! Always did and always will! For proof, just check out his first published Warren job from Vampirella #10 (December 1970), "Eye of Newt, Toe of Frog" written by none other than Gerry Conway!

Thanks again for all the cool comics, Mr. Brunner--and many, many more happy b-days to ya!


  1. Thanks for this. I have Vampi # 9 and 11 so completely missed this story all these years. Early Brunner is good as is any Brunner. The only time he seemed to phone it in was on his run in Warp during the 80s. I hope to shake his hand, too, someday, but in the 11 years I've been here he hasn't made it to Seattle or Portland yet.

  2. very good read... my first issue of Vampirella was in late 71'...

  3. Great tale. When will scientific know-it-alls learn not to make fun of superstition and black magic? They never learn until it bites them in the backside, and its either a black cat or vampire does the biting.

  4. Frank has also done a lot of design work in animation.

  5. The art in this issue is simply amazing.



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