Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Night Special: Marvel's Monster-ous Value Stamps

If you've ever bought a back-issue Marvel Comic from 1974 to 1976, you might notice a gaping square hole in the letters pages. That's because the original owner clipped out one of those (in)famous Marvel Value Stamps! You can read all about those sinister stamps at the far-out Marvel Value Stamps Unofficial Index site, so I'm not gonna take up a lotta space here. The site tells you the whole history of the stamps, along with lotsa links to more sites with even more info on 'em. Nope, my purpose here is to collect all the scariest stamps (snatched from that aforementioned sensational site), help us continue our journey into...Check it out! Twenty-two monsters, magicians, and supernatural scoundrels destined to daunt your dreams (click to enlarge, Igor!):Twenty-two out of one hundred Series One stamps featured either supernatural heroes and villains or monsters. One might say the early Groovy Age was almost an occult age of comics! Brrrr!

And just 'cause Ol' Groove loves ya, here are the Dracula stamps from Series Two collected in all their ghoulish glory!If you can name all the artists represented in this collection, consider yourself a Macabre Master of Marvel Miscellanea. If you can name the artists and name where each pic came from, seek professional help! You read even more comics than I do, Groove-ophile!


  1. erm. . .I can name 17 of them. guess that don't make me a master, and maybe just some poor Joe with too much time on his hands. . .

    as always, a terrific post, fella.

  2. Okay, Joe, fifteen to twenty makes you a Scholar of the Supernatural. Howzzat, pal?



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