Friday, October 10, 2008

The 13 Gravest Superhero Covers of the Groovy Age

Welcome, Groove-ophiles. Thank you for coming. There are some seats down front for the latest edition of...What better place to celebrate Halloween than in a cemetery? Back in the Groovy Age, graves and tombstones popped up on a lot more covers than you might think (Comics Code notwithstanding). Of course you'd expect to see 'em on the horror/mystery mags, but what about on the superhero comics? Wonder no more, baby! Here are thirteen covers in which some of our favorite heroes try not to step on each others' graves...

Hope you dig 'em! (Hey, put that shovel down!!)


  1. lovely stuff! that Daredevil cover is awesome!

    Groove, mate, e-mail me a contact address, will you? I have a wee something that I think you may appreciate. . .

  2. Kane and Janson went together like peanut butter and jelly, man!

    I've e-mailed ya, dude.



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