Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alex Nino in the House of Mystery

Greetings, all you nightmarish nerds! Welcome back to...

I, Cain, am borrowing the Groovy Agent's blog--ABEL! You idiot! Tighten his gag before someone hears him!--er, as I was saying, I'm filling in (a grave) for the Groovester while he takes a dirtna--er, nap. All this blogging about Halloween has really worn him down. Don't worry, I'll have Gregory dig him up when I'm done. Hey, it could've been worse. He might've fallen into that horrible Eve's clutches and become the Groovy Goat or some stupid thing. Wouldn't that have been baaaaad?

Anyway, if you know anything at all about great comicbooks, you'll know that my House of Mystery was the most far-out of all the fiendish fear mags published during the Groovy Age. Ol' Groove mentioned (between screams and mouth fulls of dirt) something about Alex Nino being his favorite of all the artists I, ahem, imported from the Philippines, so I thought I'd do the kid a favor (besides having Gregory dig him back up later, that is) and post a classic story the uber-talented Mr. Nino illustrated from a John Albano script (From HOM #213, January, 1973). Enjoy! The Groovy One should be back tomorrow...unless Gregory's hungry when he digs him up...

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