Sunday, October 19, 2008

(Weird) Sunday Funnies: Howard the Duck

WAUGH! We all know the story (or at least we all should know the story) of how Howard the Duck just sort of appeared in the middle of a Man-Thing adventure (Fear #19, August, 1973) courtesy the warped imaginations of creators Steve Gerber and Val Mayerick. What you may not know is the Howard immediately caught fandom's attention and was scheduled to appear as a solo strip in Monsters Unleashed. Those plans were changed after two solo Howard strips (both with monster/horror themed plots) were completed. Marvel was never a company to waste anything (especially far-out characters and strips), so the finished strips (with art by the more-than-awesome Frank Brunner) saw print as back-up strips in Giant-Size Man-Thing (issues 4 and 5).

With that info in mind, it is Ol' Groove's pleasure to present his favorite of the two strips, Howard's battle with that bovine blood-sucker, Hellcow! Story by Gerber, pencils by Brunner, and inks by Tomb of Dracula inker supreme Tom Palmer from G.S. Man-Thing #5 (May, 1975) and brought to you by...

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