Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Black and White Wednesday: Dave Sim's Debut "The Cry of the White Wolf"

Yep, you read the headline right, Groove-ophiles! According to the splash page of "The Cry of the White Wolf" from Psycho #24 (cover dated March, 1975) Dave Sim, the creator of the legendary Cerebus the Aardvark, made his national writing debut under the editorship of "Archaic" Al Hewetson. I don't know who artist Stan Connerty is, but he sure had a cool art style. I think you're gonna dig this hard-to-find gem!


  1. Wicked! I loved his Cerebus comic back in the day. I lost the thread though around the end of Church & State II.

  2. Yeah, I think a lot of people lost it at that point. The first Cerebus ' phone book ' is the funniest comic ever, but after that, I kinda lost interest.
    But well done, Groovy, for finding that! I thought Sim's Star*Reach & Quack stuff was his first. Nice
    to see even earlier work.

  3. Man, that art style looks _very_ familiar.

    Any chance that Stan Connerty is really Sanho Kim, operating under a pen name? Both names have an ess and kay sound ...

    Or am I just seeing things that aren't there?

    Scott Edelman

  4. The inking style seems similar to Sanho Kim's, now that you mention it, Scott--the style the faces are drawn in look different, to me, though.

    I can't find much info on Sanho, and nothing on Connerty. Hmmmmmm...

  5. You're correct that the faces aren't quite what we're used to with Kim, but the shading is so strikingly similar that I've taken a leap. Ignore the cheekbones, and it's dead on.

    Though I imagine a Stan Connerty expert will soon appear to prove me wrong!

    Scott Edelman

  6. Hi from Spain! Under the name "Stan Connerty" was a spanish/catalonian artist, the late Ricard Castells. It seems that the pseudonym was a sort of imposition.

    Hi from Spain, and thanks for this great blog!

  7. I'm so busted!

    And here he is:

    Scott Edelman

  8. In the following elinks there's much more information about Castells/"Connerty". In spanish:

    ...and in english:

    By the way, "The cry of the white wolf" was published in Spain in a b/w magazine titled "Dossier Negro" (Black Dossier is a literal translation). All the Skywald stuff appeared in that magazine.

  9. Thank you so much, Antonio! Groove-dom is gratified by your generous gift of geek-lore!

    Hey, Scott, at least you tumbled to the fact that Connerty was an alias!



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