Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Black and White Wednesday: Gardner Fox and Barry Smith's "The Boy Who Loved Trees!"

Here's a far-out collaboration between Golden Age vet Gardner Fox and Groovy Age maestro Barry (Windsor-) Smith from Vampirella #9 (cover-dated January 1970). Bet you'll dig "The Boy Who Loved Trees!"


  1. I never knew Smith did any work for Warren. This is great. Learn something all the time here.

    Bill @ The Uranium Cafe

  2. Hey Groovyone!
    I never saw this story before. Thanks for posting it for all of us to enjoy! Creepy story & cool! Reminds me of the old Night Gallery tv series. I forward this link onto Roy Thomas this afternoon also. He never seen this story either to my surprise. Maybe he'll comment on it! Keep up the groovy work! We appreciate your hard work very much! Mike

    PS. Drop me a e-mail when u can. I'll forward on those scans from Marvel Preview#9 Man-God Tony DeZuniga to you. Along with a review if you'd like from me. Tony's b-day is on Sunday Nov 8th. He's turning 68, Joe Sinnott just turned 83 two or three weeks ago on Friday.



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