Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Double-Play: Mike Zeck Monster-pieces

Before earning acclaim with his art on Master of Kung Fu, which led to his becoming a top Marvel super-star of the 1980s (Secret Wars, Punisher), Mighty Mike Zeck drew tons o' mystery/horror strips for Charlton comics. The best of them, naturally, were written by Nightmarish Nick Cuti, so Ol' Groove dug up a couple'a those terrifying Zeck/Cuti team-ups to treat ya with today. First up, from Scary Tales #8 (August 1976), here's "A Grizzly End"! (Wonder if Mike got paid twice for that splash/cover art...?)

And to top things off, dig Mike and Nick's contribution to Scary Tales #9 (October 1976), "Hades University".


  1. Awsome! I love the bold inks on the early Zeck stuff. Have you or anybody posted Monster Hunters #9?(another Zeck drawn) The one where Col. Whiteshroud hunts the werewolf and we, the readers, actually get to solve the identity of the monster? I read the hell out of that one.

  2. This begs a good question--Whatever happened to Mike Zeck. He was a good fan artist who became a very good pro, seemed omnipresent for a time and now...?

  3. OK, this being the Internet (duh!) that was easy enough to answer although he hasn't finished his site nor updated since january--

  4. Tim, I believe I have that issue of Monster Hunters. I'll see what I can do about posting it before the month is over.

    Booksteve, I try to keep links for Groovy Age pros in my Groovy Links and Groovy Blogs lists. If you (or any other Groove-ophile) knows of any Groovy Age greats missing from either link-list, please let me know!



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