Friday, October 30, 2009

Famous First Fridays: Mike Ploog's Eerie Premiere

"More Ploog! Halloween's almost here, the Countdown's almost done, and we need more Mike Ploog!" That's the hue and cry of Groove-dom on this All Hallows Eve--er--Eve, and ne'er let it be said that Ol' Groove would ever let his gang down. How's this for a tasty trick-or-treat--Ploog's first professional comicbook work! Believe it or not, although Ploog had worked as a cartoonist on military magazines like Leatherneck and P*S (where he worked with his inspiration, Will Eisner), and had even worked as an artist on many Saturday-morning cartoons (including Superman/Batman, Wacky Races, and Scooby-Doo), it wasn't until 1971, at the behest of legendary pros Ben Oda and Wally Wood, that Ploog sought work in comicbooks. Well, you know his moody, Will Eisner-inspired art got him gigs p.d.q., baby! From Warren's Eerie #35 (cover-dated September 1971), here's "The Tower of the Demon Dooms!" written by the great Gardner Fox. Enjoy!


  1. I Heart Mike Ploog!

  2. We'll that SUCKED literally! HHHaaa!! Another gem I've never seen! Thanks for posting this, I love Mike Ploog! I just wish I could reconnect with him. He now lives in Devon,England.

    Atleast the last I knew a few years back. I wish he still lived in Minnesota, where he once did. especially, since I live in WI.Still love to have him do a few commissions for me & illustrate my book I'm working on.



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