Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Tribute to George Tuska: "The Headless Horseman Rides Again!"

Ol' Groove just heard of the passing of the wonderful George Tuska at age 93. George was one of Young Groove's favorite Marvel artists, though I never felt he got the respect and admiration he truly deserved. Like another of my early faves, Sal Buscema, George could draw anything and draw it well. (His work on the pre-Perez Avengers and a few issues of Giant-Size Defenders were incredible, f'rinstance, as were his adaptations of Planet of the Apes and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad in Worlds Unknown--coming soon to this blog!) His art, along with the styles of Romita and the Brothers Buscema screamed "Marvel" to me. While best known for his work on Iron Man and Hero for Hire/Powerman, Tuska was also adept at any type of story he was asked to draw, including mystery/horror. "The Headless Horseman Rides Again!" is one of the best of his supernatural art-jobs. Inked by Jack Abel (hey, was that splash page drawn by Dick Ayers?), Tuska brings a really far-out and wild Gary Friedrich script to life. Here's to ya, George! Thanks for fun comics like Supernatural Thrillers #6 (August 1973). (Oh, and don'tcha just dig that Gil Kane/Ernie Chua (Chan) cover?)


  1. Thanks, Groove, for remembering one of my faves as well. Loved his work in The Witching Hour and Unexpected as well. He was still accepting commissions up till last weekend - amazing!

  2. I'll have to post some of Tuska's DC mystery/horror stuff next Halloween!

  3. Recently treated myself to the Essential edition vol 1 of 'Luke Cage, Power Man', because I remember so loving Tuska's work in those comics. And it doesn't disappoint - it's awesome! And deeply groovy!



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