Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Mike Ploog's Monster of Frankenstein

Horror comicbook covers don't come much more macabre or magnificent than when rendered by Mike Ploog. Presented here for your eerie enlightenment are all six covers from Ploog's Monster of Frankenstein run (October 1972-July 1973). Oh, and just for fun, Ol' Groove's tossin' in M.P.'s 2002 re-creation of the cover of ish #6 (from Modern Masters #19). Pleasant nightmares!


  1. Thanks for posting, Groove! Ploog was a perfect match for this strip, as he was for Man-Thing.
    He's still doing good work today: check out his recent issues of The Spirit for DC, featuring leprechauns and ( of course ) swamp monsters.

  2. Oh, believe me, I've been following Mike's work on the Spirit. Got Abadazad and Stardust Kid, too. You could say that I'm Ploog-ed in! (Ughh.)

  3. Wow...I remember #3 as one of the first comics I owned, bought on a trip to NYC ON AN EXTREEMLY COLD WINTER....72/73 ya say, sure that fits, I woulda been 9 years old.



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