Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Black and White Wednesday: Tigra Faces "The Serenity Stealers"

Has it really been just over a year since we last visited the lovely and furry Greer (Tigra) Nelson? Sheesh, how time flies! Well, here's the black and white gem Ol' Groove mentioned in passing in last year's post, "The Serenity Stealers" by Tony Isabella, Chris Claremont, and Tony DeZuniga! It's Were-Woman vs. Were-Rat as only Groovy Age Marvel could present it. Enjoy this macabre masterpiece from Monsters Unleashed #10 (December 1975), Groove-ophiles!


  1. Groove:

    I had no clue Tigra appeared in any of Marvel's B&W magazines. I'll be adding this one to my want list ASAP! I've always been fond of the character (FYI, I'll be reviewing one of earlier appearances, in Marvel Chillers #3, tomorrow!)


  2. I get the feeling that this episode didn't satisfy the folks at Marvel, since Tigra was kept away from similar supernatural adventures after this. Tony has since written that he intended Tigra to be a globe-trotting troubleshooter, as we subsequently saw in Marvel Chillers #s 3-7.

  3. Very cool! I loved Tigra back in the day. Thanks for sharing this!



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