Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weird Sunday Funnies: Hot Stuff, Swearing, and Colds

Nothing says "Hey, Kids! Comics!" like a diaper-wearing kid devil, dig? Before Li'l Groove discovered Spidey, the F.F., and all the rest, he was into Spooky, Richie Rich, and Hot Stuff. Hot Stuff really shouldn't have worked as a concept for kids, but it did. The Little Devil's creators knew how to write fun, witty stories that made Hot Stuff's mis-adventures look fun and entertaining, but still managed to teach that it's better to do the right thing. Hot Stuff was that pal who always got into trouble; the one you learned not to be like. Just check out these whimsical tales from Hot Stuff #102 (October 1970)...

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  1. Hey, Groovy: Ah, the comic that launched a million tattoos! I love this stuff. I always felt Harvey Comics were very under-rated. I think this one is drawn by Ernie Colon (judging by the demonic eyebrows). Great, Great stuff. And you make a cool point about Hot Stuff: it shouldn't have really worked as a Harvey comic - HS was a smart-aleck little bully, always up to no good - but work it did! He, along with Spooky and Richie Rich, were by favorites from Harvey.

    And a Great Post! -- Mykal



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