Friday, October 29, 2010

Countdown to Halloween 2010! Admiring Adams: "The World Cannot Wait for a Deadman"

How 'bout this, Groove-ophiles! A Deadman chiller (what's a Halloween Countdown without a ghost?) from Neal Adams' all-but-forgotten Deadman back-up series from Aquaman (issues 50-52)! This little mini-series was a bit of a departure for the Ghost of Boston Brand as it was more sci-fi oriented and tied into/ran parallel with the Aquaman lead feature from those self-same issues. Neat, huh? If ya ask really nice, I might post the other stories for ya, but for today here's Neal Adams and "The World Cannot Wait for a Deadman" from Aquaman #51 (February 1970)!


  1. It's not "all-but-forgotten" so long as I live and breathe. I reread this story so many times as a little tyke that my copy fell apart! Looking back, Tatsinda being so easy on the eyes was probably a factor...but the whole three-issue crossover epic costarring Aquaman is one of my favorite comic stories ever.

    (And when kids today crack wise about Neal Adams' writing skills, I'd direct them to this tale and let them see what he was capable of working with a skilled editor with whom he was history demonstrates.)

  2. I rarely comment, but I come here regularly and it has occurred to me that you deserve a big thank you for keeping this fantastic resource going. It really is a fun place to come during a lull at work.

  3. I might post the other stories for ya, but for today here's Neal Adams

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  4. I'm asking, Groove, I'm asking!
    Have these Deadman backup stories ever been reprinted anywhere? Maybe it's time that DC got around to doing a SHOWCASE PRESENTS: DEADMAN volume that would include all his backups and guest-star appearances, besides the headlining STRANGE ADVENTURES stuff.

  5. sir, can we request that you also post the deadman sory in aquaman #50 " deadman rides again" and "to call a deadman... can't wait to see the art of mr adams ..thanks a
    & more power



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